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Get Professional Bookkeeper at a Fraction of Cost With Pointax Accountants

Get Professional Bookkeeper at a Fraction of Cost With Pointax Accountants

As a part of cost-cutting, many business owners play multiple roles to delivery the best services and products, leaving them less time to maintain their accounts and finances. Many of these businesses can take help of accounting and bookkeeping services, and this is where Pointax Accountants come in.

We are an accountancy firm and are known for offering low-cost bookkeeping services to all businesses, small, medium and large across Oldham and neighbouring areas. We have a team of highly experienced and professional Oldham accountants to look over all your bookkeeping needs with the commitment to serve the highest quality service.

Bookkeeping Obligations

Running a business is not easy and top of that managing your accounts can be overwhelming. On top of that, failing to keep records can result in a fine approximately £2000 to £3000 as well as a disqualification, so, it is essential to understand your obligations.

According to the UK Companies Legislation Act, it is mandatory for all the businesses to keep financial and accounting records for at least 6 years and in some cases longer. In addition to this, companies need to keep the receipts and invoices of all the money sent and received by the company as well as details of all assets owned and any debts the company owes or is owed.

Also, the details of stock owned at the end of the financial year and the stocktakings used to work must always be available and details of all goods bought and sold throughout the year. If you are a retail business, then you will also have to keep a log of who you bought the products from and sold to.

Pointax understands that keeping yourself updated with the obligations is not easy, so, that is why our Accountant in Oldham are available to help you out. Just give us a call and we will be at your service.

Benefits of Our Bookkeeping Services

Lower Costs – A bookkeeping service should always lower your cost and this is what Pointax Accountants offer. We help businesses increase their profit margin by keeping their financial data updated and presentable as and when needed.

Always Compliant with the Law – As a leading bookkeeping service provider in Oldham, our team always keeps itself updated with the latest legal regulations and ensure all your accounts and books are up to date as well. You can rely on us to clear any mistakes thus saving time and effort.

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services to comprehensively cover all your needs. The services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales tax, payroll and many more.

Our team of dedicated low-cost company accountants can take care of the day to day financial tasks of your business and manage all your needs, thus giving you more time to focus on important aspects of your business.

Call us right away and speak with an accountant to see how we can help your business grow.