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Self-Assessment Tax Return

Self-Assessment Tax Return Made Easy with Professional help and Advice from Pointax Accountants

Self-Assessment Tax Return Made Easy with Professional help and Advice from Pointax Accountants

Every year thousands of people miss the deadline for filing their Self-Assessment Tax Return and as a result, pay fines. In addition to this, many people calculate tax returns incorrectly leading to loss. This is because there are lengthy forms to fill and many obligations that everyone is not aware of. This is where Pointax Accountants comes in.

We are one of the leading accountancy firms in Oldham, Lancashire offering you the advice and support you need to file your Self-Assessment Tax Return. Our professional Oldham accountants help deal with all your tax affairs including the employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses.

Who Needs to File Self-Assessment Tax Return?

If you are self-employed, partner in a company partnership, a trustee and an executor or administrator administering a deceased’s tax liability, you must complete and submit an HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) tax return. In addition to this, you may also need to file a Self-Assessment if you are a:

If you fall into any of these categories, it is vital that your tax return is submitted on time. However, if you fail to do so, you will be subject to strict HMRC late filing penalties.

Pointax Accountants can help complete your tax return and all necessary schedules as well as send you full copy and explanatory notes. We understand that tax is a major source of stress on busy self-employed, partners and individuals whose focus is to manage the business and earn a living at the same time. Thankfully, our accountant in Oldham is here to take the stress out of your taxes.

Our team of Oldham Accountants offer comprehensive services such as calculate the amount of tax owed, complete and file your tax return on behalf of you, offer advice when payments are due, we guide on types of records and information you need to keep, discuss tax saving options and represent you in case HMRC decides to investigate your accounts.

Benefits of Our Self-Assessment Tax Return Service

Stress-free filing – Rushed tax returns and pressure of meeting a deadline can lead to errors on your tax form. Pointax Accountants take all the stress and help complete and file your tax returns on time and error-free.

Affordable – Unlike many accountancy firms, we file your tax return for a flat fee. We charge much less than traditional accounting firms in the UK. In addition to this, our low-cost company accountants are always on standby when you need them.

Knowledgeable – Our Oldham accountants always keep themselves updated about the changing tax obligations, thus offering comprehensive tax services.

Contact us today to learn more about we can help with your tax returns.