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Financial and Accounting Services You Can Rely On

At Pointax, we understand the importance of providing a wealth of services for our clients to take advantage of. As experienced Oldham accountants, we strive to take care of each client by offering a bespoke range of services that encompass their very needs.

From personal taxes to business tax returns, payroll and bookkeeping services, we are on hand to take care of everything allowing you to focus on your business needs. Taking a hand-off approach to managing your finances is simple when you turn to Pointax.

How We Can Help

We’re the experts, the specialists and the team that you need on hand when it comes to implementing a range of finance solutions. From small startups to large enterprises and even individuals, we strive to offer a flexible service that is underpinned by our experience, knowledge and commitment.

We’ll take care of managing your finances, regardless of how simple or detailed they might be. We can keep your business ahead of regulations and ensure you remain compliant while all tax returns are completed accurately to ensure you never overpay. Our goal is to simplify the process for each client because we have the ability to actively take care of your finances.

Our clients can benefit from the following services:


We deliver bookkeeping services that help to save our clients to save money. Our experts are well trained in using all accounting software, ensuring they provide the latest solutions that are designed to help you keep a track of all financial transactions.

Limited Company Accounts

Running a limited company requires expert understanding and guidance. We’re on hand to take care of your accounts and finances by implementing a streamlined and efficient service that ensures you submit all tax returns on time.

Self-assessment Tax Return

Let us take care of the burden of completing your self-assessment tax returns. This time-consuming task can prove a challenge for many but failing to submit returns on time will lead to a penalty. We calculate your returns accurately, provide advice and ensure you have a clear grasp of employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses. We’ll meet deadlines which means you won’t have to.

VAT Compliance

Our VAT experts can help you remain compliant while taking care of the complexities associated with dealing with VAT returns. This complicated and time-consuming task can take you away from running your business so we are on hand to help you stay ahead of all laws and regulatory changes. We can take care of VAT returns and provide professional advice when you need it.

Payroll Services 

Taking care of payroll is something that we specialise in and that’s why we offer a wealth of payroll services. We can offer end-to-end payroll accounting as well as provide reporting and tax administration services. We can help your business to cut costs and save time.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a tax deduction scheme that governs how payments made by contractors and subcontractors for construction work must be managed.
Failing to comply with this scheme will result in significant financial penalties and even prosecution. At Pointax, we can help take care of ensuring you remain compliant by providing a complete service that delivers expert guidance and ensures you can avoid any potential problems.

Help and Advice When You Need It

We understand that it’s important to have access to support and advice when you need it. Therefore, our team members are always on hand to share their expertise and experience, helping you to make informed decisions with confidence. We are available by phone, email or you can visit our office in Oldham.

Accountants In Oldham That Keep Costs Low

Running a business efficiently is vital and that’s why we constantly review the tax efficiency of your business, providing expert advice that can help to increase your profits and reduce the tax you pay. We also keep you informed of all changes to UK regulations and laws.

Low-cost accountants 

We might be experts but Pointax Accountants understands the importance of providing an affordable and cost-effective service. Therefore, we allow you to control how you pay for our services, with payment options readily available. Honest and transparent, you can benefit from the best accountancy firm in Oldham, ensuring you benefit in every possible way.